Fight the army!

This is a translated version of  Skapoulas article “Πόλεμο στο στρατό”
Why does the military exist? Of course in order to serve the national interests and protect us. Otherwise the enemy can devour us. Moreover, it exists so youngsters can learn discipline and correct organization.

Is it “protection”, giving lethal machines to nationalists in order to protect you from other nationalists with lethal machines? Of course it is the Cyprus problem, which without it being solved, the armies cannot leave etc etc. Shall we wait for the deus ex machina solution of the Cyprus problem in order to deny the military absurdity? Will we risk having borders, armies and compulsory conscription forever? Isn’t it better to live harmonically in Cyprus- and everywhere- and get over all these?

“But this is impossible. Without the National Guard the Republic of Cyprus will vanish within a week.”

Firstly, we would gladly welcome the abolition of the Cypriot state (Church, institutionalized nationalism, politicians, unemployment, banks and other beautiful things), of course if not followed by the imposition of another state. To get serious though, there is not a safer condition than the absolute absence of any armies. And we mean ALL armies! If some people believe that Turkey is waiting for the opportunity to attack but fears the National Guard, and if Cyprus is completely demilitarized then Turkey would attack, we advise them to communicate with the reality a bit more.

“All of this is bullshit, every state that respects itself has its own army.”

And so what? Every human being that respects himself/herself wouldn’t use that argument.

“And how would the youngsters learn discipline? How would the boys become men?”

How we ourselves know to, and how ourselves want to.

“The city is magical when we kiss in the park without fear, when there are no brake-ins at the cafes and the cinemas. The city is suffocating when it’s full of the national ideals. The city is suffocating when we wake up with military songs”.

How shall we achieve this? How will you kick out all the armies from the island dude? We have arrived at the most difficult questions. We have no illusions. Neither will we beg the state and its institutions to abolish the armies, nor do we believe in the good will of the two community leaders. Armies exist in order to serve the interests of the state, either expansionist or geopolitical, ideological or even repressive interests. Abolishing the armies is a big bet and is only going to be successful in the hands of a youth denying to cooperating with them, fighting against them, self-organized and independent.

Already many young boys avoid conscription by any means. In the North, there is the choice of “buying it off”, in the South the only choice is the “mad’s paper” (psychiatric reasons) But let us not forget: in any case the struggle cannot be limited to simply against militarism, because then you see the tree but miss the forest. The struggle against the military is a struggle against the state that so desperately needs it, against the power that promotes ethnic hatred and raises walls between us in order to perpetuate its existence. The message has reached the ruling classes long time ago (the hunt against the outlaws is the best sign) and it will continue reaching them until we are over with their presence.

Unfortunately, we are still behind even in areas that are regarded as granted in other countries, like the recognition of the consciousness objectors for ideological reasons, and the alternative social service to social institutions like hospitals etc (equal or less time). Even if we had these rights still we would not be satisfied.

However, we do not beg anything from those in authority: we are going to take it all, we are going to conquer what we want! Let’s fight the armies, let’s fight the power! Let’s make the world of the military camps, of the military tribunals, of the sovereign states and weapons, of the barbed wires and ethnic hatred a sad page in the history of mankind. Let’s breathe freely!

Skip (Skapoula!) School, Skip (Skapoula!) the army, we serve no masters and bosses!


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