This is how we think the world should be


“The story that follows (will be/is) absolutely true and (will be/is) based on true events.

“We’re thinking of a world without drugs, without soldiers and without discipline, where the children will take to the streets and play,
There are no longer cops asking for personal information, no files to put you in archives, state repression seems ridiculous, people know what is meant by anarchy, there is no bureaucracy…”

Speira- You Remain Free”
This is an english translation of the article that is included in the new issue of Skapoula that was published yesterday. Find it online here
September 27, 2031

“Here we go. Food to the cows, the coop and the horses. We then go on to carve the orchard- it’s the time of year to plant new crops: lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, herbs and whatever else is available. At noon, we take a break for the daily big lunch: we all gather in the courtyard and usually eat what we produce.The menu today is rice with vegetables, chickpeas and ofcourse, homemade yoghurt. Cooks are George and Annita. Tomorrow will be my turn along with Yusuf where we’ll prepare our specialties: koupepia!

While enjoying wine made two days ago by Ali and Emin, we listen to the sounds of nature: the barking of dogs, the gental autumn breeze flowing through the trees. And of course, in the background Harry can be heard playing his guitar. The collective’s only car wasn’t needed for deliveries today so no sound (unless of course it’s music!) will bother us.

The day continues with picking fruit from the back of the orchard. The products we produce are natural enough, but we do many exchanges with our nearby rural collectives. Over 6 years have passed since we’ve transformed the dead zone into what it is today, and 8 more collectives have already been set up. “The Farms” (the name of the village that was formerly the buffer zone), have no “Mukhtar” and do not obey to any government, only to the needs and desires of the people who live there. Those living in each collective collectively decide what to produce, how to share the chores, etc. Once every two months we meet with all the farmers of the village in the large assembly and together we decide about the exchange of products, aid that may be needed by another collective, and of course about our village’s events, celebrations and festivals.

Having gathered the fruit, we deserve a little rest before the mini-concert performed by Nikos, Ayse and Sotos: guitar, accordion and drum! The concert is open of course for the whole village and the whole world, as are all of our events: discussions, poetry nights, concerts, workshops, farming and anything else we can imagine. Of course, most people outside the village are indifferent and prefer to deal with the ipod 46, the iwalk, the italk etc. But there are a few people who are interested, and with the entrance of Mary, the collective has reached 25 people!

Another busy but enjoyable day comes to an end. I help my friends by tidying up, and go to bed. With a smile carved on my mouth. With the joy that i live in the only green area left on this island. With the joy that, while politicians are discussing the solution for the Cyprus problem, we have already long forgotten what the probem was. With the joy that, not only do we no longer have bosses to order us around and suck the profits we produce, but now we do not even work: we have a life, and all our actions are surrounded around its maintenance, improvement and enjoyment. And everything is truly so much easier, so much more vibrant and beautiful here, where our only possesion
is our time, in this small and unregulated classless society …


Somebody was coming out of the sea…

I was not born here. I did not know this land. I did know what it means to be free. Everything was only lies. I used to walk through the streets of concrete, for hours, searching for something that did not exist, but I could not realise that even I did not exist.

Now sitting on the sand, watching the morning star, it is only now that we are beginning to understand what it means to be. For years we tried to learn how to create, share, live of the land, make houses from bare soil, use technology in accordance with human needs. How to destroy hierarchy, how to live with only what you need, with ethical values collectively decided and not imposed by the bullocks of the gods or bosses. Now we are the gods and none is inferior to the other. We, every single one of us is Zeus, watching the world from Olympus, without fears and lies. We are sexless, raceless, classless. We are individuals learning to exist in harmony.
As my kopelli said, ‘our only possession is our time, in this small and unregulated classless society …’


Somebody was coming out of the sea… with her hair, golden, orange, yellow… the dawn, our dawn. This dawn that millions have dreamed, fought and died for.
We, luky bastards, can see now that the sun is coming out of the sea… “


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