Weekly occupation of Lidra St. buffer zone – We’ll fight until all armies are gone!

Only when people from both sides rise up and revolt against all those who repress us and want us divided will the armies in Cyprus be abolished.

We support the initiative of the weekly occupation of the buffer zone as it is the heart point of our suffering: the division, the militarization, the armies…

  All people of Cyprus let’s unite and shout for a country with no more borders, no more barbed wires, no more aircrafts, no more guns, no more military officers, NO MORE SOLDIERS.


Occupation of Lidra St. Buffer Zone

Saturday, November 19 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Lidra St. buffer zone

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Weekly occupation at 6pm!For those willing to stay the night, check this out and click here too:


Also, another great initiative taken for this week:


“The 15th October Movement goes hand in hand with the current worldwide occupation against the monetary and political systems whilst at the same time having a unique footing. Everything is connected, and there is nothing casual about the current system and the division of this “unsinkable aircraft carrier anchored off the shores of the Levant”, as the British so eloquently described Cyprus (see photos). Come, debate, meet those from “the other side”, write your own news, dispel myths, make history.”

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